The Donald, a hilarious Reddit community filled with sarcastic posts and memes. I only lurk there (much as I do throughout the rest of my real and virtual life). President Trump is, of course, a narcissistic braggart of massive ego and limited intelligence. But he may also be the first president since FDR to genuinely care about the welfare of the American people, and he's certainly the only modern president to have challenged the wealthy and powerful interests that dominate our country.

  Field Gulls, the only Seattle Seahawks fan site worth mentioning. It can be weirdly political at times, and the writers sneer at virtually any opinion that's popular among the broader body of Seahawks fandom (they even defend offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, which is almost like chickens speaking up for Colonel Sanders). But the site is still a fantastic repository of Seahawks news and intelligent football analysis.

  Dark Lyrics - when your soul's hunger can be sated only by bad poetry written by European metalheads who speak English as a second language, this is the place to feast. Henry Rollins (a purveyor of dark shite if there ever was one) released a spoken-word piece many years ago in which he described how much fun it can be to be depressed. Never do you see more clearly than when you've been hurt, because now you know. And that's when you luxuriate in these lyrics.

  The homepage of Mark Edmundson. Edmundson possesses what seems, at least to my relatively undeveloped mind, to be extraordinary range. He writes profoundly about football and swearing and the meaning of life. If I lived in Virginia, I'd find a way to audit his classes. Edmundson makes me wish I'd majored in literature.

  Something Awful's GRRM discussion thread. At some point, every D&D nerd discovers George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice And Fire. Said nerd races through the incredible first book in the series and then plows through the others with increasing incredulousness at how badly the GRRM writing train has derailed. Eventually every nerd's love of this series turns to bitterness and hate as they realize that even if more books ever do come out, there's little hope that the myriad plot threads can be satisfactorily resolved. And that's when they turn to The Bad Thread at Something Awful.